Here comes the bride !

THIS is something I am super passionate about ! I work for a salon that does a lot of updos and I am actually the creative director for updos!
Reasons i LOVE these upstyles:
1. They are not just for the Bride!
Whether you are attending a wedding, going for a night out on the town , or even going to the pool, there are many styles that can accommodate your needs!
2. We are not restricted to the typical"updo"
More and more brides are doing styles that make them feel like themselves and breaking out of the restrictions of "all up and curly" (Thank goodness!!!) Half up and half down, all down with "waves" not "curls" , one side pulled back, or even braids are super popular now !!!
3. They are super easy to even do on yourself!
I tell my clients all the time that people over-think the process of an updo and make it so much harder than it needs to be! I am thinking of doing an updo on myself soon and posting step by step pics as i go along so you can do it at home too :):)
to hold ya over until then... i am going to show you some updos I have done through practice ! I always get someone to be a model and just try new things at home :)
EnJoY !