Holiday Party Upstyles

Ahhh.. the HOLIDAYS are here :) My Fav !

but for some its that dreaded time of the year when you want to do something fun with your hair for your company party or even new years eve, but dont want to look like you are going to prom..
You spend hours on the internet searching hair images and looking through magazines trying to find the right style ...
... Well look no further...
I have scrounged up this years HOTTEST trends that are sure to sizzle:

First- i LOVE her :)
Second, I love this style soo much this season.
For those of you who have an awesome hairline and a descent sized forehead (welp.. im out !) -this look is chic and messy. It shows self confidence without being too hard.

this is another favorite of mine. i really like it on blondes because your highlights show the detail of the braid :) and if you are looking for something simple, this gives you something fun from your everyday wear :)

Kimmie rocks these waves perfectly, and if you are someone who wears their hair mostly straight, this style can really vamp your style for the night. I love these curls even on the second day.. they are even looser and more "bed head".

Hope this helps on your journey to the perfect style for the perfect night :)
Happy Holidays !